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Arrowhead Water Source Information


Today, consumers reach for Arrowhead® Brand Mountain Spring Water because it embodies all that is good about the mountains.


High on the south slope of California’s San Bernardino Mountains, the home of Arrowhead’s first cold-water spring, is a remarkable slice of the natural world. Hot springs bubble up from the earth’s surface. Caves can be found filled with steam. Several cold-water streams carry some of the world’s most delicious spring water from the mountains above. A rock formation several acres in size, shaped like an arrowhead, points to these springs.


According to a Native American legend, an arrow from heaven burned the formation on the mountainside to show tribes where they could be healed. During the mid-nineteenth century, “Dr.” David Noble Smith claimed that a saint-like being appeared before him and told of a far-off land with exceptional climate and curative waters, marked by a gigantic arrowhead. Smith’s search for that unique arrowhead formation began in Texas and eventually ended at Arrowhead springs in California in 1857. By 1889 word of the springs, along with a hotel on the site – and belief of the health effect of the water from the springs – had grown considerably. Hotel guests often raved about the crystal-clear water from the cold springs, which prompted Seth Marshall to set up a bottling operation in the hotel’s basement. By 1905, water from the cold springs was being shipped to Los Angeles.

Sources of Water*

Southern California’s San Bernardino Mountains is the location of the original cold-water source for Arrowhead® Brand Mountain Spring Water. Once, just five boreholes into this remarkable mountainside site supplied every drop of Arrowhead spring water. Today, the brand’s sources span from the United States to Canada, including multiple sites throughout the region of the original source–sources in an extraordinary 11,000-acre watershed outside San Francisco, and sources as far north as the Canadian Rockies. Though their locations vary, each source was selected because of the mountain spring water it provided.


We continue to review our current sources and occasionally seek new sources that meet our mountain spring water requirements and standards.


Spring water sources: Arcadia Spring, Calistoga, CA; Lukens Spring, Baxter, CA; Sopiago Spring, El Dorado County, CA; Sugar Pine Spring, Long Barn, CA; White Meadows Spring, Pacific House, CA; Rainbow Lodge/Royal Gorge, Soda Springs, CA; Hope Springs, BC, Canada; SP Spring, Riverside County, CA; Arrowhead Springs, San Bernardino County, CA; Long Point Ranch, Running Spring, CA; Palomar Mountain Granite Springs (PMGS), Palomar, CA; Deer Canyon Springs, San Bernardino County, CA; Coyote Springs, Inyo County, CA.


Distilled water sources: may either be a well or municipal supply.


Drinking water sources: may either be a well or municipal supply.


(* as of January, 2011)

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